Kris Garrett


Chaotic Iterations for SN Transport

C. K. Garrett, W. S. Warsa, and K. G. Budge

Journal of Computational and Theoretical Transport (accepted)


A Fast Solver for Implicit Integration of the Vlasov-Poisson System in the Eulerian Framework

C. Kristopher Garrett and Cory D. Hauck

SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing (2018)



An Arbitrary-Order, Fully Implicit, Hybrid Kinetic Solver for Linear Radiative Transport Using Integral Deferred Correction

Michael M. Crockatt, Andrew J. Christlieb, C. Kristopher Garrett, and Cory D. Hauck

Journal of Computational Physics (2017)


A Nonlinear QR Algorithm for Unstructurally Banded Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problems
C. Kristopher Garrett, Zhaojun Bai, and Ren-Cang Li
ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software (2016)


Optimization and Large Scale Computation of an Entropy Based Moment Closure
C. Kristopher Garrett, Cory Hauck, and Judith Hill
Journal of Computational Physics (2015)


On the Eigenstructure of Spherical Harmonic Equations for Radiative Transport
C. Kristopher Garrett, and Cory D. Hauck
Computers and Mathematics with Applications (2015)

GIP Integrators for Matrix Riccati Differential Equations
C. Kristopher Garrett and Ren-Cang Li
Applied Mathematics and Computation (2014) 

A Comparison of Moment Closures for Linear Kinetic Transport Equations: The Line Source Benchmark
C. Kristopher Garrett and Cory D. Hauck
Transport Theory and Statistical Physics (2013)


Numerical Integration of Matrix Riccati Differential Equations with Solution Singularities
C. Kristopher Garrett
Ph.D. Dissertation (2013)

Fast Polynomial Approximations to Sine and Cosine
C. Kristopher Garrett
Technical Report (2012)

Neural Decoding and Modulation in Patients with Tetraplegia
Problem 6 of the Sixteenth Mathematical and Statistical Modeling Workshop for Graduate Students (2010)
Charles Kristopher Garrett, Matthew Labrum, Martial Longla, Guy-vanie Marcias Miakonkana, Varada Sarovar, Guolin Zhao
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